Salon-de-Provence (13)

The Local Urban Plan of the commune of Salon-de-Provence has been in force since 2017

The mayor of Salon-de-Provence, Nicolas Isnard, is surrounded by Marylène Bonfillon, deputy town planner and Sabrina M'Jahed, deputy housing manager.

The community has defined numerous reserved sites for social mix, road creation and public works throughout the city. The city centre and the surrounding areas as well as part of the Bel Air district are dedicated to social housing programmes, while the perimeters defined around the Golf de l'école de l'air and the air base are intended for public works.

The commune of Salon-de-Provence has also determined several sectors of Orientation d'Aménagement et de Programmation. The largest are located in the Canourgues district, near the Aurelian Way and in the triangle formed by the A54, the D538 and the D113.

Architectural constraints, such as the setback and the landscapes to be preserved, are mentioned in the regulations of the different zones defined by the Local Urban Plan of Salon-de-Provence.

Salon-de-Provence: a historic Provençal town with some real estate projects

5 building permits for collective housing, equivalent to 120 new dwellings, and individual housing are authorised by this Bouches-du-Rhône commune. They are located in the town centre and near the EDF canal.

Organised around the Château de l'Empéri, residence of the archbishops of Arles and the Germanic emperors, the commune of Salon-de-Provence has a traditional Provençal style in its historic centre. It is home to several historic monuments such as the Clock Tower, the Roman building called Les Antiquités, the Porte de Bourgneuf and the churches of Saint-Laurent and Saint-Michel. Any real estate project undertaken in the protected area surrounding the town centre must be approved by the Architecte des Bâtiments de France.


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