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Dunkirk: a city with land opportunities in the city centre

In Dunkirk, property prices are around €2,500 per square metre in the city centre, but can easily exceed €3,000 as soon as you get closer to the coast, particularly the beach at Malo-les-Bains.

Several property developments are currently being marketed in the ZAC du Grand Large at the junction of the town centre, the beach and the port. Some fifteen building permits were authorised in 2018.

Many priority neighbourhoods along the D601 benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5. 5% in order to attract property development.

The commune of Dunkirk has been excluded from the Pinel scheme by remaining in zone B2, which does not allow for tax exemption. Nevertheless, in 2018, around ten new property developments were marketed in Dunkirk and its surroundings.

Dunkirk is a historically industrial city with high environmental risks

Founded over a thousand years ago, Dunkirk was originally a fishing village. Its history is closely linked to the North Sea which borders its port. The port of Dunkirk, the third largest port in France in terms of traffic, has been a magnet throughout the ages. The city was heavily impacted by the two wars. The large seaport of Dunkirk employs more people than the retail sector.

Industrial activities are predominant in the town, as evidenced by the numerous industrial sites. Among them, 9 have a high Seveso status, 1 a low Seveso status. On its territory, more than 500 sites and soils are potentially polluted, i.e. 2% of the municipality, and any real estate project on these sites requires a survey and often a soil decontamination before construction.

The soil of Dunkirk is to be studied without presenting major constraints

Almost all of its territory is classified as a zone of presumed archaeology.

Dunkirk does not have any underground cavities. On the other hand, most of its territory has a medium risk of clay shrinkage and swelling.


The Dunkerque Local Urban Plan (PLU) presents interesting land opportunities.


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