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Find land everywhere in France.

Manage your prospecting from A to Z.

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the right landowners

  • Do you pass a house with a "for sale" sign?
  • A business agent offers you several plots of land that will soon be available?
  • Do you want to prospect a district by focusing on land with a high potential and few constraints?

Discover all key information about a property how to identify and keep the best properties for yourself and immediately reject properties that are hiding bad surprises.

your favourite properties

  • Bookmark the land you want to move forward on and add notes and photos.
  • Manage your land, set priorities and reminder dates You can also use the regular updates to make progress on your files.
  • Archive your land holdings and put on active standby those that have not been completed because the regulatory situation and the status of the owner may change in 6, 12 or 24 months.

the owners

  • Identify all the owners and record their contact details.
  • Find out who owns the land and each building: whether they are companies and details of the current built-up areas.
  • Associate one or more owners with a parcel to identify at a glance who the owners are and contact them.

Do you use your PC as well as your mobile?

All information added, modified and deleted on your mobile phone is automatically synchronised with Kel Foncier and accessible on your computer.

How do I get a Kel Foncier account?

You must have a Kel Foncier user account to access this application.

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