Dijon (21)

In Dijon, there are numerous real estate operations throughout the city

Property prices in the historic city centre of Dijon are €3,400 per square metre and fall to €2,800 per square metre in the more remote areas. The city of Dijon is located in zone B1 of the Pinel scheme , which allows for tax exemption.

About thirty collective real estate programmes are currently being marketed. The city has authorised 34 building permits spread throughout the territory, almost exclusively for the creation of collective housing.

The districts of Chenôve, Fontaine d'Ouche and Les Grésilles benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% to attract property projects.

Dijon's soils, whether polluted or of archaeological interest, must be studied before a real estate project

There are few quarries in Dijon. There is one on the Quai des Carrières Blanches, which runs alongside Lake Kir, and one on the Chemin de la Mongeotte near the river Le Suzon.

The west of Dijon has major environmental constraints:

  • underground cavities under the La Chartreuse Hospital, near the Place du 1er Mai, and in the vicinity of the Combe Saint-Joseph Park
  • risks of collapse, landslides and bank erosion in the Marmuzots, Marcs d'Or and Montagne - Sainte-Anne districts

The entire city of Dijon is located in a zone of presumed archaeology. As close as possible to the city centre, any real estate operation of more than 100 m² of floor area will require consultation with the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC). This threshold increases to 1000 m² when moving away from the historic centre.

Before launching a real estate project, a survey and probably a soil decontamination will have to be carried out because 450 sites are polluted or potentially polluted in Dijon.


The Dijon Local Urban Plan (PLU) presents interesting land opportunities.


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