Annemasse (74)

Annemasse: a recent town with a strong potential for land development

Placed in zone A of the Pinel law, the town of Annemasse offers a very strong real estate potential.

26 programmes were marketed in 2018 in Annemasse in all its districts except the Mont Blanc business park.

Prices for new-build properties are as high as €5500 per square metre for a studio in the city centre.

14 building permits, mainly in the city centre, are authorised between 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 in this Haute-Savoie commune, for collective and individual housing.

The priority district of Le Perrier - Château Rouge - Livron benefits from a 5.5% VAT rate.

The town of Annemasse has a proactive policy in terms of social housing and wishes to guarantee social diversity, so almost the entire town is concerned by the 25% of social housing required for new buildings.

Although it really developed after the arrival of the railway in the 19th century, Annemasse was a small rural town in a crossroads position in a region populated by the Gallic people of the Allobroges. The municipality has defined two zones of presumed archaeological prescription, the first extends from the statue of Michel Servet to the Château bleu aquatic centre and the second is located near the Pays de Savoie private hospital. Any real estate project in these areas must be preceded by a preventive archaeological diagnosis.

Environmental factors to be taken into account for a property project in Annemasse

An additional construction cost is to be expected for any real estate project in the commune of Annemasse, which lies entirely on clay soil.

Some sites are located above an underground cavity and costs for soil safety must be considered for a housing project on these.

Nearly one in fifteen plots of land in the municipality of Annemasse is polluted or potentially polluted and a real estate project on one of these sites will have to be preceded by a study, or even a soil decontamination.


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