Valence PLU: 15,000 m² dedicated to housing construction

Valence PLU: 15,000 m² dedicated to housing construction

Valence wants to get residents back

Valence's population has been stagnating since 1975, due to a drop in activity and employment, urban sprawl and the departure of the inhabitants of Valence to the outlying towns.

To reverse the trend, the city has a Schéma de cohérence et d'Orientation Territoriale(ScoT), approved several years ago, and a Plan Local d'Urbanisme(PLU), in force. The latest modification of the PLU in the summer of 2018 has greatly increased the feasibility.


93 hectares to build housing near the main boulevards

Before the revision of the PLU, the commune already had a dozen Opérations d'Aménagement et de Programmation (OAPs), all of which are intended to create housing, with a significant proportion of social housing. In total, 93 hectares allow for the construction of flats with individual access and private outdoor space.

The OAPs (in orange) are located close to the city's main boulevards, such as Boulevard Vauban and Autoroute du Soleil.

OAP housing in Valencia


15,000 m² of housing to be built to the east of Valencia

The revision of the PLU has a strong impact on the east of the city, where construction is intensifying with the creation of numerous housing units, shops and offices in the following sectors:

  • Chemin de Charmagnol: near Route Nationale 7, a group of 13 plots representing 15,000 m² (in red) is now open to housing construction. It is possible to build small 3-storey buildings . The ground surface area is high: the construction potential amounts to 200 dwellings.

Building plots Valencia potential 200 housing units


  • Avenue de Chabeuil: a group of 30 plots of land representing 11.5 ha allows for the construction of shops, offices and any other structure with an economic vocation. This change aims to create a revival of activity in the sector.



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