Biarritz: +400 social housing units per year while waiting for the 2021 PLUi

Biarritz: +400 social housing units per year while waiting for the 2021 PLUi

Rebuilding the city on the city while waiting for the 2020 PLUi

Since 2016, Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne (BAB), together with the municipalities of Bidart and Boucau, have implemented an inter-municipal cooperation. An inter-municipal Local Urban Plan (PLUi) is currently being drawn up and its approval is planned for 2020.

Two Tram'Bus lines have been brought online and serve half the population and 57% of the jobs in the conurbation.

The territory covered by these municipalities is very constrained by natural spaces: this is why 80% of the housing production will be done by reusing existing buildings, particularly in the town centre and around the departmental roads.


Biarritz to boost social housing construction to attract young families

The rate of social housing in Biarritz is 10%, which is low. In order to increase this to 25% by 2025, the Local Housing Programme (PLH) has set a target of 400 social housing units per year from 2016 to 2021.

The latest update of Biarritz's Local Urban Plan (PLU) brings few changes. It is the previous modification, dating back to 2017, that was the most significant: it lowered the minimum floor area authorised from 1,000 m² to 400 m², for which the construction of social housing is mandatory (in green on the image).


Construction of social housing plots in Biarritz
In green: from 30% to 70% of social housing imposed according to the number of units built


The Iraty ZAD and the Tram'Bus concentrate housing construction

To accommodate these new homes, the city has created several development zones and plans to launch several operational studies, notably on the Iraty Development Zone (ZAD) to the east of the city, which could accommodate up to 1,500 new homes.

ZAD IRATY land portage - Biarritz

The development of this ZAD is proof of the agglomeration's desire to strengthen economic cooperation between the territories, particularly in the aeronautical industry and the development of new economic zones around the airport and Biarritz station.

With the forthcoming approval of the PLUi, many areas should see their feasibility increase. This will be the case for the "structuring sectors", i.e. sectors with good access, located near the Tram'Bus.


Opportunities to be seized in Anglet, a town surrounded by major roads

The town of Anglet has been identified as a town to be developed, given its strategic geographical position between Bayonne and Biarritz and crossed by three major departmental roads and the A63 motorway.

The potential for construction is therefore significant, particularly around the D810 road, at the gates of the town centre and in the vicinity of Biarritz Basque Country airport.




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