Nice's new PLUm: +2,600 housing units per year

Nice's new PLUm: +2,600 housing units per year The coloured areas represent areas where the feasibility has been significantly modified.

Nice's PLUm aims to build 2,600 new homes per year

Since 25 October 2019, the metropolitan Local Urban Plan (PLUm) has been approved and covers a vast territory of 145,000 hectares. To meet its objectives, particularly in terms of housing construction, the Nice Metropolis has 38 sectoral Planning and Development Guidelines (OAP ) spread over 18 municipalities. In the commune of Nice, the feasibility of the plots, i.e. the building potential, increases significantly in the regulated zones.


Nice increases feasibility mainly in project areas and areas of national interest

Within the project areas, the zoning is changed to more buildable areas:

  • Initially not included in the PLUm, a new OAP opposite the old Nice-Saint Roch station to the east, plans to redevelop 6 blocks with the aim of producing 44,000 m² of floor space , i.e. 800 homes.

6 CML islands in Nice

  • Above the Avenue de la Marne in the heart of the Cimiez district, where the price of a new building starts at €6,000 per square metre, the PLUm ruling, which provided for a maximum of 2 levels in this large suburban district, has been modified upwards. It is now possible to build 4 levels , i.e. small ground floor buildings plus 3 floors.
Plots - Avenue de la Marne
Yellow: increase in the number of levels
  • The first section of the Canta Galet road is already largely urbanised. The second section, which was dedicated to the economy, is opening up to housing (in dark red). The plots along the road are experiencing an explosion of their building potential: the authorised façade height doubles and the maximum authorised floor area triples (in light red).

Façade height Route de Canta Galet Nice

  • The OAP of La Plaine du Var to the west was confirmed: the approval was an opportunity to affirm the project of the Saint Isidore agricultural park and the Saint Isidore Village district. The PLUm specifies the road network and confirms the presence of future facilities by creating new reserved sites.

OIN Plaine du Var Nice

  • The Saint Augustin Nord district to the west, already largely urbanised, is to be integrated into the Plaine du Var project as part of the OIN Eco-Vallée.


Outside the regulated zones, 400 hectares of urban hills gain 1 more level of constructability. This means that it is now possible to build two floors in addition to the ground floor. These are the residential areas opposite Saint-Roch to the east and to the north of Rimiez and Gairaut.


The other municipalities of the Metropolis also affected

In Cagnes-sur-Mer, many plots of land located on the seafront have been given two floors to build on (in orange) and their maximum floor area has been doubled (in yellow).


In Saint-André-de-la-Roche, the plots of land along the Chemin de Rimiez and the Chemin du Plan have been given one floor (in orange). It is now possible to build residential accommodation (in dark red) on the plots between Chemin de la Pointe and Quai de la Banquière.


Some areas have been opened up for housing following comments made at the public enquiry:

  • plots related to the Venanson Photovoltaic Park project (11.7 ha)
  • openings for urbanisation (8.7 ha) accepted following passage through the CDPENAF (Departmental Commission for the Preservation of Natural, Agricultural and Forestry Spaces), which validated the consistency of these changes with the new PLUm



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