Pays de Gex (Thoiry - Ferney-Voltaire)
Pays de Gex

The Pays de Gex, located in zone A of the Pinel law, has a strong real estate potential

The Pays de Gex region, with the communes of Thoiry and Ferney-Voltaire, is eligible for the Pinel tax exemption scheme (Zone A). In Thoiry, property prices in the town centre are €4,500 per square metre and rise to €5,500 per square metre in Ferney-Voltaire.

Around ten property developments are currently being marketed in the Pays de Gex, the majority in the commune of Ferney-Voltaire. Some twenty collective building permits have recently been authorised in the Pays de Gex.

The Levant district in Ferney-Voltaire is a priority district which benefits from a reduced VAT rate of 5. 5% to attract property projects.

The soils of Pays de Gex have few environmental constraints

The communes of Thoiry and Ferney-Voltaire are in seismicity zone 3, the seismic hazard is therefore moderate.

In Ferney-Voltaire, there are 25 potentially polluted sites in the commune, spread around the Rue de Meyrin and the Espace Candide shopping centre in particular. Thoiry has only ten or so potentially polluted sites.

Part of the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park is located in Thoiry and is protected by various charters and conventions that must be respected when building in the area. A quarry and two underground cavities are present in the Park, at the level of Rue En Basse Ruche and Rue du Reculet. Numerous other underground cavities are found to the west of the Park and in the centre of Thoiry around the D89 road.


The Pays de Gex Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) presents interesting land opportunities.


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