Avignon (84)

In Avignon, there are many districts benefiting from reduced VAT

The city of Avignon is eligible for tax relief as it is located in zone B1 of the Pinel scheme. In the city centre, prices are €3,300 per square metre.

A dozen property developments are currently being marketed in the city centre and the Montfavet and Rocade Sud districts in particular. Some twenty collective building permits, mostly in the city centre, have recently been authorised.

The city has many priority neighbourhoods such as Monclar, Rocade Sud, Les Grand Cyprès, Barbière, Préfecture and Saint-Chamand. In these areas, VAT is lowered to 5. 5% to attract real estate projects.

A cost of depollution is to be expected for a real estate project in Avignon

The 2 quarries in the town are located at the edge of the commune, at the level of the river Durance. The seismic hazard is moderate as Avignon is located in seismic zone 3.

In the public garden of the Rocher des Doms at the intersection of Boulevard de la Ligne and Rue Ferruce, there is a risk of falling boulders and landslides. At the level of the Canal de Crillon which runs alongside the Chemin de la Roubine, there is a risk of bank erosion.

630 sites are polluted or potentially polluted in Avignon, the vast majority of which are in the city centre. A survey and probably a soil decontamination will be necessary before construction.

The islon de la Barthelasse in the Rhône has its own regulations which must be respected in the context of a property project. The Rhone and Durance rivers are classified as Natura 2000 and are therefore protected: their mandatory charter must be respected when building in the vicinity.

The city centre of Avignon and part of the Gare, Saint-Ruf and Saint-Vérand districts are in an archaeological investigation zone. This is also the case for the area around Rue Pierre Bérégovoy. Building projects will have to be consulted by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC).


The Avignon Local Urban Plan (PLU) presents interesting land opportunities.


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