Nîmes PLU: +800 housing units per year in the city centre

Nîmes PLU: +800 housing units per year in the city centre

Construction of 800 housing units per year around the city centre of Nîmes

The Local Urban Plan (PLU) of Nîmes was the subject of a simplified modification in 2019 which aimed to correct a few material errors and to clarify the regulations in relation to communal projects. It was during the 2018 revision that the document gave more structure to its urban project.

The city therefore aims to develop shops, offices and residential housing around the city centre, in order to reduce the consumption of natural areas. The city has set itself a target of 800 new homes per year until 2030.

Nîmes is a commune with important natural issues, particularly with regard to the risk of flooding which extends over the whole of the commune. Coupled with the numerous listed buildings in the town's heritage, building possibilities are relatively limited in a large part of the town.


Opportunities around the future Trambus and the University of Nîmes

It is planned to create a TER station at the Hoche site of the University of Nîmes, and to restructure the bus network to create synergies with the future T2 line trambus. It will eventually link the east and west of the city. The first section is already operational, linking the central station to the Carémeau University Hospital. The second section, currently under construction, should link the central station to the SMAC Paloma by 2021. This line is the backbone of a Development and Programming Operation (OAP ) aimed at densifying the city, reinforcing the attractiveness of existing facilities and supporting the renewal of priority neighbourhoods of the city policy.

In the Saint-Césaire sector, where the University Hospital Centre of Nîmes is located, certain storage sites will disappear. They will be replaced by housing, shops and the extension of the existing medical centre.

In the Zones d'Aménagement Concerté (ZACs ), new housing will be densely built and developed in true eco-districts. The aim is to satisfy the need for a social mix in these areas.


The city maintains the construction of social housing

Nîmes is a city with a social housing rate of 19%. The municipality has several levers to further develop social housing, such as the right of pre-emption over the entire territory, which allows it to acquire as a priority the spaces it deems relevant for the creation of affordable housing.

The city has three districts of national interest: Pissevin-Valdegour to the west, Chemin Bas d'Avignon-Clos d'Orville to the east and Mas de Mingue to the north. The creation of social housing requires the rehabilitation of these ageing priority neighbourhoods, notably through numerous ZACs. Operations to open up these areas and major investments are being carried out in these neighbourhoods.

In the long term, the municipality has set itself the goal of achieving a social housing rate of 25% in its territory.


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