PLUi of Grand Chambéry: 1500 new housing units per year

PLUi of Grand Chambéry: 1500 new housing units per year

The PLUi-HD of Grand Chambéry plans to create 1,500 housing units per year

Currently in the final stages, the Intercommunal Local Urban Plan - Housing and Travel (PLUi-HD) should be approved in 2020. It covers the 38 municipalities of the Greater Chambéry Agglomeration and should make it possible to accommodate 23,500 new inhabitants, thanks to the creation of 15,000 housing units by 2030, i.e. 1,500 units per year.

The Agglomeration wishes to build without degrading green spaces: 1,345 hectares will be reserved for natural or agricultural spaces, with 2 strong objectives for the territory of Grand Chambéry: 57% natural surface, and 33% agricultural surface.


Construction is favoured near the Chrono Bus lines and the Chambéry train station

Chambéry has four bus lines with reserved lanes that are part of the Synchro Bus network: Chrono A, B, C and D. Land opportunities are multiplying near the roads used by these different bus lines:

  • Around the Avenue de la Motte Servolex, served by the Chrono C line, 50 plots of land that used to allow the construction of small houses now favour the construction of buildings. It is possible to build 2 additional floors and the land area increases (in red).
Plots Chambéry land potential Avenue Motte Servolex
In dark red: housing construction now permitted
  • Near the roads used by the Chrono B line, a total of 8 hectares previously used for agriculture or economic activities are now available for housing construction. The land potential is estimated at several hundred housing units.

Hectares housing construction Chambéry bus line B

  • In the commune of Bassens, on the site of the Centre Hospitalier de la Savoie, served by the Chrono D line, 7 plots of land totalling 20 ha are to be transformed. It is now possible to build small 4-storey buildings 20 metres deep, i.e. 70,000 m² of floor space.


In the heart of the city centre, a plot of land located 500 metres from the Chambéry train station and owned by the Savoie department now authorises the construction of 7-storey buildings over a depth of 20 metres, representing a potential of 10,000 m² of floor area.


Land opportunities in the commune of Montagnole

For the communes further away from the centre of the Agglomeration, land opportunities are found around the historic market towns, such as around the commune of Montagnole:

  • 2 plots totalling 2 hectares, previously classified as natural zones, are open to the construction of houses. The authorised height is 7 metres, i.e. a potential of 20 homes.
  • 2 plots of land totalling 4,000m², previously classified as natural zones, now allow the construction of houses.



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