Troyes (10)

Troyes only modifies its PLU infrequently

The Local Urban Plan (PLU) of Troyes is more than 15 years old and was approved in 2004. Since then, the city has made few changes to it: there have been six modifications in 15 years, and one update in 2018.

Many events that have marked French history have taken place in Troyes, which has earned it the title of "City of Art and History". Once renowned for its textile industry, Troyes is now the European capital of factory outlets, particularly for ready-to-wear clothing, which sell products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.

In the city centre and cathedral districts, construction is subject to a zone that is heavily regulated by the Plan de Sauvegarde et de Mise en Valeur (PSMV). Most of the wooded areas are protected.

The mayor of Troyes, Mr François BAROIN, is surrounded by Mr Valéry DENIS, deputy town planning officer

Around the Troyes train station, the Halles market, and the Boulevard Georges Pompidou, certain spaces are reserved. This is also the case around the city's various waterways, namely the Seine, the Noue Robert, the Canal du Trévois and the Rivière Notre Dame.

The city has authorised about ten collective building permits spread throughout its territory. They provide for the construction of about a hundred collective dwellings and about twenty individual dwellings.


The land development in Troyes presents many opportunities.


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