Revision of the PLU of Cannes: 200 hectares whose feasibility explodes around the city centre and to the west

Revision of the PLU of Cannes: 200 hectares whose feasibility explodes around the city centre and to the west

The municipality advocates urban renewal

The Local Urban Plan (PLU) of the commune of Cannes, which is currently being revised, was approved on 11 February 2019, with approval planned for 2020. The commune has set itself no less than 18 objectives, including the reduction of its urban sprawl, despite the fact that it has little land available (vacant lots, etc.). The urbanisation of the municipality will be developed through a policy of urban renewal: the opening of 1.1 ha previously restricted confirms this.

Feasibility increases in city centres and seaside areas

Construction is encouraged as close as possible to the city centre and the coastline, in particular:

  • East of the Boulevard Carnot, north of the Cannes train station: the plots in red gain in building height(+3 floors) and in floor space. The plots in orange gain 3 floors with an unchanged right-of-way. The ground surface area increases for the plots in yellow with a maximum height that does not change.

Land potential downtown Cannes

  • Between Avenue du Docteur Raymond Picaud and Boulevard de la Mer : the plots in red gain 3 floors and the ground surface area increases. The plots in orange gain 3 floors.

Feasibility of plots of land Cannes West - Seaside

Cannes restricts construction in certain areas

To protect and enhance its resort areas, the city of Cannes restricts construction, for example:

  • North of Avenue du Dr Raymond Picaud: the authorised façade height is reduced by 1 storey, and the maximum authorised floor area is reduced.

The future of Cannes is taking shape in the West

The western part of the commune will undergo a profound transformation with 2 development operations and 1 large-scale project:

  • OAP l'Abadie: creation of an economic pole Agritech, activity zone and cultural base for agronomic research
  • The Nouvelle Frayère OAP: this district presents urban renewal challenges (ANRU: National Agency for Urban Renewal)
  • Cannes Grand Ouest: a first phase of renewal of the existing urban area (entrance to the station, landscaping, etc.) and then a second phase which aims to transform the land potential


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