La Ciotat (13)

The Marseille-Provence PLUi is in force since 2018

La Ciotat is one of the 18 communes of the Marseille Provence Territory, which adopted its inter-communal Local Urban Plan (PLUi) in 2018. Its approval is expected at the end of 2019.

Many plots of land are affected by this new PLUi, particularly in terms of the increase in the maximum authorised floor area and height, which allows land in the Plages district to gain up to two levels.

Alexandre Doriol is deputy mayor of La Ciotat, Patrick Boré, and is responsible for urban planning.

The municipality has defined a vast area of development and programming guidelines between Avenue Guillaume Dulac and the A50 motorway, as well as various reserved sites throughout the town.

The maximum height, thefloor area, the setback and the landscapes to be preserved are regulated by the different zones defined in the Local Urban Plan of La Ciotat.

La Ciotat: a historic city with many real estate projects

This Bouches-du-Rhône municipality is authorising 15 building permits for individual and collective housing in 2018. They are mainly located around the La Ciotat railway station and in the Plages, Virebelle and Dulac districts.

Three major protected areas in the commune of La Ciotat require the approval of the Architectes des Bâtiments de France for any property project. These are located in the town centre and at the port, which has been active since antiquity, in the Plages district, which houses the Lumière Palace and the former villas of the Lumière brothers, and around the Bastide Marin Museum.


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