Istres (13)

The Local Urban Plan of the commune of Istres has been in force since 2016

François Bernardini, mayor of Istres, is surrounded by Eric Casado, deputy mayor in charge of urban planning.

Architectural and urban constraints, such as the protection of viewpoints and landscapes to be preserved, are regulated by the different zones defined in the Local Urban Plan of Istres.

Surrounded by numerous ponds - Berre, Olivier and Lavaduc - the urban area of Istres develops between these and the air base. Real estate projects can be carried out in the UC zone, which covers one in ten plots in the commune, and the UD zone, which represents half of the plots in the commune of Istres.

Istres: a historic city with a few real estate projects

This Bouches-du-Rhône commune authorised 5 building permits in 2018, mainly around the Etang de l'Olivier, for collective housing, equivalent to 213 new homes, and individual housing.

Aseigniorial fortification during the Middle Ages, two protected areas are defined in the urban zone in the commune of Istres near the Etang de l'Olivier around the historic monuments of the parish church of Notre-Dame de Beauvoir, the Porte d'Arles and the chapel of Saint-Sulpice, then around the monument to the Bailiff of Suffren, also known as the boat of Suffren. Any real estate project in these protected areas will be subject to the opinion of the Architectes des Bâtiments de France.


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