Sète (34)

Historic port city, Sète attracts land developers

Subject to the B1 scheme of the Pinel law, the commune of Sète offers strong real estate potential.

17 programmes were marketed in 2018 in the commune of Sète, mainly located in the town centre, in the Plagette district and on either side of the Boulevard de Verdun.

Prices for new build properties are as high as 7000€ per square metre for a studio on the Corniche in Sète.

The priority districts of Ile de Thau and Centre-Ville - Ile Sud benefit from a 5.5% VAT rate. The priority district on the Thau peninsula is included in the new national urban renewal programme.

Known since Antiquity and fortified at the level of its port on the orders of Louis XIV by the creator of the Canal du Midi, the commune of Sète possesses some zones of presumed archaeological prescription, especially on the side of the Thau Lagoon, and constructions on these sites must be preceded by an archaeological survey.

Environmental constraints to be taken into account for a property project in Sète

Landlocked between the Mediterranean Sea and the Etang de Thau, the commune of Sète is sensitive to the risk of flooding, which renders the land on the coastal strip linking it to Marseillan and on part of the Etang de Thau unbuildable. The rest of the land in the municipality is conditionally constructible and implies an additional construction cost for the real estate projects of this maritime town.

Nearly one in a hundred plots of land in the commune of Sète are polluted or potentially polluted and require a study, or even a clean-up of the soil before construction.

Some of the land, particularly on Mont Saint-Clair, is located on underground cavities and requires the cost of securing the soil before construction.

An additional construction cost is to be considered for real estate projects in the municipality of Sète in the districts based on clay soil, mainly the city centre, along the Thau basin and towards the Corniche.

Property projects in the commune of Sète, where the level of termite infestation varies between 25% and 50%, will also have to account for the cost of a termite survey or even a termite control treatment.


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