Perpignan (66)

Perpignan: active property prospecting in this historic city with strong property potential

Subject to the B1 scheme of the Pinel law, the commune of Perpignan has a strong real estate potential.

32 developments were marketed in 2018 in Perpignan, mainly located in the city centre, near the train station and in the Saint-Martin, Porte d'Espagne, Saint-Gaudérique, Vertefeuille and Mas Vermeil districts.

Prices for new properties reach 4400€ per square metre for a four-room apartment near the Perpignan train station.

The municipality of Perpignan has defined 9 priority neighbourhoods that benefit from a 5.5% VAT rate: Centre Ancien, Champs de Mars, Rois de Majorque, Gare, Saint-Assiscle, Bas-Vernet ancien Zus, Bas Vernet nouveau QPV, Diagonale du Haut - Moyen-Vernet and Nouveau Logis. The districts of Champs de Mars and Diagonale du Haut - Moyen-Vernet are included in the new national urban renewal programme.

Asa former medieval fortified city with prehistoric remains, the entire city of Perpignan is placed in a zone of presumed archaeological prescription and any real estate project requires an archaeological survey beforehand.

Environmental constraints to be taken into account for any project in Perpignan

Crossed by the river Têt and the river Basse, Perpignan has many unbuildable plots due to the risk of flooding. Other plots of land need to be brought up to standard because they can be built on conditionally, notably in the Bas-Vernet, city centre, Platanes and Arago - Bon Secours districts.

An additional construction cost is to be considered for real estate projects in the commune of Perpignan, which is based on clay soil, with a higher shrink-swell hazard in the city centre and in the neighbourhoods to the south of it as well as in the northern Bas-Vernet district.

Property projects in the commune of Perpignan with a termite infestation level of between 50% and 75% will also have to account for the cost of a termite survey and possibly a termite control treatment.

Nearly one site in fifty is polluted or potentially polluted in the commune of Perpignan and any real estate project requires a survey, or even soil decontamination before construction.


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