Marignane (13)

Marignane: a historic city with a few real estate projects

Subject to the Pinel law A scheme, the town of Marignane offers a very high property potential.

The commune of Marignane is home to 7 new property developments in 2018, mainly located in the Le Carestier - Le Taulet district.

Prices for new properties reach 4200€ per square metre for a two-room apartment in Marignane.

7 building permits have been authorised in the last year in this Bouches-du-Rhône commune, for collective housing, corresponding to 148 new homes, and individual housing. The permits for collective housing are located in the town centre and near the banks of the Bolmon pond.

The city centre and Florida Parc districts are two priority districts, defined by the municipality, which benefit from a 5.5% VAT rate.

Known for hosting the Marseille Provence airport, the commune of Marignane has been occupied since prehistoric times. The town centre and part of the Pas-de-Lanciers and Le Carestier - Le Taulet districts are in a zone of presumed archaeological prescription.

Environmental constraints to be taken into account for a property project in Marignane

The municipality of Marignane, located on the Etang de Berre, is crossed by the Cadière and Raumartin streams and by the Marseille-Rhone canal, which makes part of the plots bordering them unbuildable and conditions construction on another part of the plots because of the risk of flooding. This implies a cost of upgrading to standards to be taken into account.

An additional construction cost is to be taken into account for the land in Marignane, which is based on clay soil, with a higher risk of clay shrinkage and swelling in the Pas-de-Lanciers district.

With a termite infestation rate varying between 25% and 50%, a property project must include the cost of a termite survey or even a termite control treatment in the commune of Marignane.

One out of every hundred plots of land in the commune of Marignane is polluted or potentially polluted, and requires the cost of a study, or even soil decontamination before construction.


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