Belfort (90)

Belfort: low property prices and numerous reduced VAT zones

The commune of Belfort has been excluded from the Pinel tax exemption scheme (zone B2). In the communes near Belfort, property prices are €2,600 per square metre.

No real estate programme is currently being marketed in the commune of Belfort. On the other hand, a dozen building permits have recently been authorised.

In the districts of Belfort Nord and Offemont, certain areas benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5. 5% to attract property projects. The areas around Belfort Station benefit from the same VAT reduction.

The whole of Belfort is of archaeological interest and 5% of the land must be cleared

Under the ground of Belfort there are 10 underground cavities located in the North West of the city, in the Cravanche district in particular, and in the districts surrounding the old city.

In Belfort, 400 sites are polluted or potentially polluted over the entire territory, with the exception of the northern district, covered by the Salbert forest. Before a real estate project on these sites, a survey and probably a soil decontamination will be necessary.

The entire town is located in an archaeological survey zone with systematic and mandatory consultation of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC), regardless of the surface area of the building project.

Located in seismic zone 3, the seismic hazard is moderate in Belfort, and buildings may need to be reinforced.


The Belfort Local Urban Plan (PLU) presents interesting land opportunities.


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